Authorities in the Eritrean capital demolished 105 residential houses around the city

Authorities in the Eritrean capital demolished 105 residential houses around the city

Radio Erena 20 February 2015


The government of Eritrea is reported to have demolished 105 residential houses in the village of Tselot in the Central Administration Zone this past Tuesday 17th of February.

According to the government, the demolished residential houses were those built by individuals on a half of pieces of land allotted to the residents of the villages. Residents of the village have been selling half of their government allotted lands in exchange for monetary funds so that they can build up a house for their own.


The government is believed to have been issuing warnings against selling, purchasing, or exchanging of the government allotted pieces of land and that anyone who exercises this would be penalized.

The news has been confirmed by Arbi Harnet’ – an Eritrean diaspora movement.

The government had previously carried out similar demolitions in the capital Asmara – in the localities of Tsetserat, Biet Mekhea and ArbaEte Asmara under the allegation of noncompliance with the city plan.

Sources from Eritrea underlined that the government has plans to carry out demolitions in DaIre Paulos for similar reasons.

People in Eritrea suffer from shortage of residential houses but the government is seen to be doing very little to tackle the problem.

The government has, however, been reported to be engaging in construction programs of residential houses that are planned to be sold to Eritreans in the diaspora who can pay in foreign currency in order to make profits.

A 16 Square Meter room in Asmara and in villages in the vicinity goes for 1000 Nakfa (around 17 US dollars) and the median average salary of a government employee in the country is 800 Nakfa (around 13 US dollars).