Asmara Airport Security Agents Arrest Returnees


Radio Erena News, 14 December 2022

Two Eritrean businessmen who frequently travel to Ethiopia were detained in Asmara airport upon arriving from Addis Ababa on Nov. 16.

The charges against the two businessmen aged over 60 were possession of 10,000 Ethiopian Birr (Ethiopian currency). The detainees were later transferred to Mai Serwa prison in west Asmara, a relative of one the detainees told Radio Erena.

Earlier, Radio Erena posted news about people arrested in the airport after returning from Ethiopia, the arrests included old women.

Six persons were arrested in October. On Nov. 9, four young men were arrested and no reasons were given by the authorities for the arrests.

Security agents are carrying close surveillance on persons who are suspected of posting news, videos or images from Eritrea in social media.