An Eritrean mother of 3 of a Pentecostal faith died in Prison in Eritrea

Radio Erena: 24 August 2017

An Eritrean mother of three, Fekadu Debesay, who is a follower of the Pentecostal Christian Church – has died in an Eritrean prison of Metkel Abyot the beginning of August.

According to reports from a global organization called Christian Solidarity Worldwide, the victim and her husband were among several followers of the Pentecostal Christian Church who were detained by the Eritrean security authorities in one of the frequent raids against followers of the church in a southern town of Adi Khuala.

 Ms. Debesay was detained in the desert area between Gahtelay and Shieb – at a town called Metkel Abyot for the past three months before she was reported to have passed away the beginning of this month and was laid to rest in Mendefera on Thursday the 10th of August.

Although the main cause of her death is not known, it is believed to be due to severe heat, mistreatment and lack of medical attention.

Several followers of different faiths in Eritrea have been detained in various prisons – some are reported to be imprisoned in communicado and some are believed to have died in the prisons after being detained during frequent raids by the Eritrean Security Authorities over time.