Adi Qeyih College set to be Re-Opened in the New Year

Radio Erena: 13 December 2017

Adi Qeyih College, which has been closed for un-known reasons, is set to be re-opened in January 2018, reported Radio Erena sources.

In the wake of an assignment of a new director to the Eritrean Higher Education and Research Institute- Brigadier General Dr. Haile MuhTsun, the government claims the reason for closure on rebuilding the infrastructure of the college.

Brigadier General MuhTsun said the higher institution has been working to merge the Adi QeyiH and HalHale Colleges and that under the new management, HalHale College will be a part of Adi QeyiH college.


Critics argue that the closure of an educational institute under the pretext of renovations is unprecedented and that this is ascribed to putting the institutions under a military administration.

According to the sources, the critics also said that the colleges – in spite of their numbers, lack global accreditation and that they don’t produce competent personnel ready to contribute to both the country’s government and private institutions.

In a similar news, the colleges have been reported to be put under scrutiny by the government for fear of uprising and protest by students in need of reform in the country.