A documentary film ‘Voyage en Barbarie’ won French’s top journalism award

A documentary film ‘Voyage en Barbarie’ won French’s top journalism award

Radio Erena: 09 June 2015

Report by Amanuel Ghirmai Bahta


‘Voyage en Barbarie’ – a documentary film that portrays the torture and suffering of Eritrean immigrants in the Sinai desert won 2015 Albert Londres Journalism Award.

The film which co-produced by two French journalists – Cécile Allegra and Delphine Deloget, in 2014 narrated in French has gained popularity in France and many other Francophone countries and that it was successful in displaying the pain and suffering inflicted upon Eritrean immigrants by the Bedouins in the Sinai desert as they try to flee their country.


According to the producers, they are happy that their documentary was able to stick out of so many great documentaries this year and this is attributed to the hard work they put in capturing the gross torture and cruelty up on many Eritrean immigrants by the Bedouins by travelling to Sinai and meeting the victims first hand.

‘Voyage en Barbarie’ was officially opened to the public on the 16th of October 2014 in Paris and that it is noted that in a press conference after the opening ceremony it was pronounced that the dictatorial regime and the endless national service as the main cause of emigration in Eritrea, which was opposed by Eritrea’s Ambassador to France – Hanna Simon who was present at the ceremony.

Several members of the French parliament and press corps at the opening ceremony were seen to express their opposition to the ambassador’s denouncement.

The documentary film was first aired on the parliament-owned Public Sénat Television. Apart from this, the film was viewed in various ocassions around France.

One of the biggest television stations in France – Arte has similarly aired a documentary film entitled ‘Sound of Torture’ and the Eritrean Ambassador had written a letter to the station’s president –Véronique Cayla in opposition to the film on the 14th of October last year.