70 Eritreans Kidnapped in Libya

70 Eritreans Kidnapped in Libya

Radio Erena: 14 May 2015


About 70 Eritreans have been reported to be kidnapped by some armed people in Libya.

The captors are asking for $3,500 US Dollars ransom for each of the kidnapped Eritreans.

The captors might be Libyan and Chadian nationals, according to the reports by the kidnapped Eritreans who talked to Radio Erena.


While there are reports that the situation in Libya and Mediterranean Sea is getting worse, the number of immigrants from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia and other nations, who are flowing there seems to be increasing immensely, on the contrary.

Besides the kidnappings by the human traffickers in Libya, tens of immigrants are reported to be under the custody of ISIS.

The European Union has put in a request to the United Nations Security Council for permission to hunt the human traffickers, their brokers and associates and bring them to justice; and a permission to also destroy those unreliable fishing boats, which are allegedly used to transport the immigrants from the coast of Libya.

If the resolution by the European Union is adopted by the UN Security Council, it is expected to decrease the flow of Eritrean and other immigrants from Libya to various European countries.

Many human rights advocates criticize the resolution saying it does not consider those immigrants who couldn’t return to their countries for fear of persecution and those who are kidnapped or under the custody of ISIS.