Wife of jailed former Eritrean finance minister released

Radio Erena: 29 August 2019

Jailed former Eritrean finance minister Mr. Brhane Abrhe’s wife has been released after more than eighteen months in jail.

In January 2018 Mrs. Almaz Habtemariam was taken by from her home by security forces for unknown reasons and kept in jail.

She was released last week without any explanation as to why she had been held in jail.

Due to differences of opinion between him and the president Mr. Brhane Abrhe had been suspended from his position as finance minister since 2012. He followed his wife to jail on September 2018 after he released a book titled ‘My Country Eritrea’ exposing the Isaias regime’s situation.

As Mrs. Almaz Habtemariam is released after more than a year and a half in detention without cause, the former minister is still being held incommunicado in an undisclosed location.