UN Negotiates the Use of Eritrean Ports for humanitarian aid in Tigray

Radio Erena: 07 December 2020

Diplomatic sources confirmed to Radio Erena the current negotiations between the United Nations and Eritrea for using Eritrean ports to transport humanitarian aid to Tigray region.

The source pointed that Massawa port is the practical option for transporting aid to Tigray because of its proximity to the affected region.

Earlier the UN reached an agreement with Ethiopia to allow the urgent follow of humanitarian aid to Tigray region especially the Eritrean refugees camps which host more 100,000 refugees who are stranded in the region.

The diplomatic source did not mention when the usage of the ports will start.

The dire situation of 100,000 Eritrean refugees became the center of wide international concern as the UN declared that the humanitarian situation in the refugee’s camps is rapidly deteriorating due to the military campaign of the Ethiopian army on the region which started at the beginning of the months.



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