Tensions still high in the Eritrean town of Adi Keyih

Tensions still high in the Eritrean town of Adi Keyih

Radio Erena: 17 March 2015


The town of Adi Keyih was surrounded by members of the defense force – blocking all check points over the weekend to combat the protesters as the government was trying to carry on its planned second round of demolition operation in the town.

The news that has been confirmed by Radio Erena sources indicated that the situation in the town has become tense as the military forces were seen to use forces and threats against the protesters, whose houses were either already bulldozed or is on the list for the next planned demolition.


It is to be recalled the government was forced to put the operation it started on the 5th of March on hold after it faced a harsh backlash from the residents of the town. The local government has warned those people whose residential houses are up for demolition to take down their houses voluntarily and collect their raw materials.

After putting the planned demolishing off for unspecified time on the 11th of March, the authorities torn down few deserted houses in the afternoon hours of this past Sunday, reported our sources.

Although the government still continues to call upon the owners of those red ink-flagged-houses to take away their belongings and vacate them, the people do not seem to budge.

The sources said government has already put two bulldozers parked at the premises of Adi Keyih administration – waiting for a green light.

The government has been reported to build a temporary barricade out of the town and deployed some forces and are set to be on alert due to the situation in the town.