Radio Erena: 26 March 2021

Various military units from the Eritrean army that have been involved in the conflict in Tigray since November 4, 2020 have been suffering heavy losses, according to military sources. The Eritrean army units involved in the conflict with 700 to 900 soldiers each are from the 13th, 16th, 18th, 19th, 22nd, 23rd, and 525th divisions. The sources add that a total of over 2,000 soldiers have suffered minor to severe wounds.

Other auxiliary units are believed to have also been involved in the conflict from time to time, according to the sources. Eritrean soldiers wounded in the conflict in Tigray are being transported to various hospitals in Eritrea through the Humera – Omhajer, Rama – Enda Gergis, Zalambessa – Senafe routes.

Glass military hospital, located close to Keren, is currently operating above capacity with wounded soldiers receiving treatment in the hallways. Hospital wings are also being set aside in other non-military medical facilities to accommodate wounded soldiers.

According to earlier reports, soldiers that have suffered life-changing injuries are receiving medical care in Dongolo.

Although details remain sketchy as to the number of Eritrean soldiers killed in the conflict, the sources reveal that soldiers previously released from the army, members of all the various rounds from Sawa military training camp including cadets from the latest 33rd round are being dispatched to the conflict in Tigray en masse to provide further support. The sources speculate that the number of killed soldiers could be in the thousands, which would explain why more army units were arriving to provide support.

Eritrean soldiers have been sent into Tigray by presidential order and without the knowledge of the parliament or members of the cabinet. The sources conclude it is yet to be seen what explanation will be given to the families of the thousands of soldiers as to why their loved ones had to die in the Tigray conflict.

Photo Source: Internet Archives