Parents of Victims Kidnapped from Tigray Call for Help from the Authorities


ERENA News: 15 February 20123

In an interview with Addis Standard newspaper, the parents of ten youths kidnapped by the Eritrean forces pleaded to the Ethiopian authorities for help to know the whereabouts of their sons who were kidnapped in January.

According to the parents, these young men were taken from Gori Endagaber, a village near Axum on Jan.13. The parents contacted the local administrations officers in Sheri, who informed them the Eritrean forces had already left the town but promised to call the higher authorities for more information.

The parents confirmed that their sons were not combatants or members of TPLF, and they don’t know why they were singled out by the Eritrean troops.

Commenting on the incident, Mrs. Abeba Tesfay, Machew town administration member said that many similar incidents were committed by the Eritrean forces; she promised to raise this issue with authorities in Addis Ababa for more information on the fate of the kidnapped people.