Italian Coast Guard Rescues 1,500 Immigrants in Mediterranean Sea

Italian Coast Guard Rescues 1,500 Immigrants in Mediterranean Sea

Radio Erena: 06 April 2015


The Italian Coast Guard has rescued nearly 1,500 immigrants over the past few hours in the Mediterranean Sea, as they were trying to reach the European continent, local media reported on Sunday.

According to the newspaper La Repubblica, two Coast Guard boats and a Navy boat participated in the operations to rescue the immigrants, who were traveling on five boats from Libya.


Three of the boats had problems, so its occupants asked for help to Italian authorities, which found two other boats that also requested assistance, during the maneuvers.

Every year, thousands of people risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean Sea on makeshift boats to try to reach Europe and flee from current armed conflicts in several African and Middle East countries.

This week, the International Migration Organization (IMO) provided statistics to the British newspaper The Guardian, according to which at least 486 people were killed during their trip to Europe in the first three months of 2015, compared to only 46 during the same period last year.

If that growing trend continues in 2015, the number of victims in the Mediterranean Sea might reach a record high, exceeding 3,419 deaths in 2014, IMO said.

According to IMO,
207,000 immigrants crossed the Mediterranean Sea last year to reach Europe.

Source: Prensa Latina