Radio Erena: 14 July 2015


Anti-Immigration Jewish extremists have reportedly torched a young Eritrean immigrant at a recreation site in Tel Aviv, Israel.

In an interview he gave to Radio Erena, the extremists sprinkled the 39-year-old Eritrean victim - knows as Tedros, with a fire agent and lit him up with a cigarette lighter

He said he was able to get medical help after fellow immigrants reported to police and medical emergency services, when they found him in the streets as he was being burned.

Radio Erena: 14 July 2015

Asres Tesema

The legendary Eritrean singer – song writer and author of many literary books – Asress Tessema passed away on the 11th of July at the age of 81.

Asress Tessema, popularily know as an educator [hence the title ‘Memhir’ – a Tigrigna word for a teacher], was one of the founding members of Asmara Theatre Association [locally know as Ma.T.A – Mahber Tiyatr Asmara]. He was also an author of many literary books in Tigrigna.

Memhir Asress was also a renowned song-writer. One of the most popular Tigrigna songs ‘Eti Gezana Abi hidmo tKhan qunchi meliOmo’ – sang by the late Teberih Tesfahuney was banned by the Ethiopian regime at the time for their politically loaded messages.

Radio Erena: 13 July 2015

Report by Amanuel Ghirmai Bahta


Eritrea’s cyclist Daniel Teklehaimanot was crowned King of Mountains (KOM) on the 9th of July as the champion of the sixth stage of the ongoing 2015 Tour de France.

Daniel, who is participating in the tournament along side the South African MTN Qhubeka team, is the first African to have won the KOM jersey.

Daniel and Merhawi Kudus, are the first black Africans to have participated in the history of Tour de France and Daniel’s KOM trophy has grabbed the attention of the international media.

The tour de France continues until the 24th of July and many Eritreans are expected to attend the final race which will take place at the famous Champs elysees boulevard to show their support for Daniel and Kudus.


Radio Erena: 13 July 2015


Six among the 14 kidnapped Eritreans last month as they were bound to the Sudanese refugee camp of Shegerab were freed in a military rescue operation conducted by the Sudanese authorities.

The rescue operation was part of the ongoing operation to hunt the human traffickers and their brokers.

The Sudanese police said the six Eritreans were confirmed to have been kidnapped at the Sudanese-Eritrean border town of Hafir on the 4th of June by unidentified armed group of people.

Radio Erena: 09 July 2015


The government of Eritrea has passed an order to send the teachers in the country for a military training during their summer vacation when schools are closed.

Many believe that this would weaken the already severed education system in the country.

It is to be noted that the government has been training many Eritrean men of up to 65 years of age and women and expatriated nationals – payers of the 2% diaspora tax, known as popular army.