Radio Erena: 05 October 2015


The President of Djibouti – Ismael Omar Gule accuses the Eritrean government as a danger to the region and the world.

President Gule, in his speech at the UN 70th General Assembly meeting, underlined that the border conflict between his country and Eritrea has not been resolved and said that Eritrea bears the responsibility for that as it still occupies some of Djibouti’s sovereign territories since 2008.

The President also noted that his government has submitted its appeal to the African Union, the Arab League and the United Nations. Although Djibouti has accepted the Qatari-mediated resolution, he added, five years later - neither the delimitation of the borders not the exchange of Prisoners-of-War has been implemented, in lieu of the agreement.

Radio Erena: 02 October 2015

Higher Edu

The Eritrean Commission for Higher Education is reportedly involved to be sending Eritreans to only Sudan, China and India for higher education.

According to the news confirmed by Radio Erena sources from the country, the government is only working with those countries’ higher education institutions because the chances of Eritrean students abandoning the government is slim as those countries are believed to have stricter return rules after the completion of education

Radio Erena: 02 October 2015


The Eritrean government ordered the demolition of several residential houses in Central Zone in the localities of Godaief and Hemberti, confirmed Radio Erena source.

The operation, which was the continuation of series of operations, was executed during the religious holidays of Meskel for Christians and Eid Al Adha of the Muslim followers.

The government alleges that the houses were built by individuals who illegally acquired part of government-allotted lands without the blessing of the government.

Radio Erena: 02 October 2015


An Eritrean asylum seeker in Israel killed his fellow Eritrean young woman stoning in the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv on Monday the 28th of September, reported the Jerusalem Post.

The 33-year-old suspect, whose name hasn’t been released yet, was able to kill the 29-year-old young woman in the middle of Tel Aviv despite efforts by many bystanders to stop him.

Radio Erena: 01 October 2015

Osma Shuk

The Eritrean Minister of Foreign Affairs – Mr. Osman Saleh met with the leader of the Egyptian delegation to the UN 70th General Assembly meeting– Mr. Sameh Shoukri in regards to security and stability in the Red Sea region on Tuesday the 22nd of September in New York City.

According to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, the two sides have also talked about bilateral issues, terrorism and current regional state of affairs that focused on South Sudan, Yemen and Libya.