A Violent Anti Government protesters in central part of an Ethiopian town of Gonder reported to have cause a clash between two neighboring towns.


The government of Eritrea has deployed thousands of youth, who were rounded up in various cities, in a harsh forced labor following a military training in Sawa military training camp, reported a Radio Erena source from the area.

Radio Erena: 09 July 2016


Eritrean Airlines passengers are reportedly frustrated by continuous delays and cancellations on their scheduled flights to the Eritrean capital of Asmara from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

According to the reports from Jeddah, passengers are seen to make several routes to the Jeddah and Riyadh airports for days - wait there for hours to only return back without any success.

Radio Erena: 05 October 2015


The Eritrean diaspora in various countries gather in memory of the second anniversary of the over 360 fellow Eritrean victims who perished in the Mediterranean Sea as they approach the Italian coast of Lampedusa.

The notorious tragedy that took place on the 3rd of October 2013 when their boat capsized after catching fire, consumed the lives of over 360 Eritreans, including babes and toddlers.

Radio Erena: 05 October 2015

Kerene Hot

The killing of three Eritreans in the South Sudanese capital of Juba around High Cinema has angered many Eritreans in the country, confirmed Radio Erena sources from the city.

The sources confirmed the killing that took place on the 28th of September in front of Keren Hotel is believed to be related to armed robbery and that police does not have suspects as of yet.