Radio Erena: 26 September, 2014

eri embas Sau

A young Eritrean woman was found unconscious at a park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, reported Erena Radio sources.

Although it is unknown how long this disabled woman had been at the park for and how she ended up there, she was found by a taxi driver who transported her to the Eritrean Embassy after identifying her with a passport she had in her possession at the time.

The 30-year-old- woman, originally from the vicinities of Keren [Eritrea], was later checked in at a hospital but she still remains to be unconscious.

Radio Erena: 24 September, 2014


The purchasing power of the Eritrean currency – Nakfa has been deteriorating from time to time which resulted in having the price of beef and stable food products to increase at a high rate. The price of a kilogram of beef has gone up from two hundred fifty [250] Nakfa to around three hundred twenty [320] Nakfa. The prices of bread and eggs has also been increased by two hundred per cent [200%] compared to last year’s.

Radio Erena: 23 Septemberm 2014

One Day

A tribute in memory of the incidents of September 18th, 2001 – [black history day in Eritrea], was held in the afternoon hours of Sunday September 21st at the ABIF hall of the Social Democrat Party in Stockholm, Sweden.

According to Erena Radio reports, the tribute, which was organized by Vanessa Berhe and ambassadors of One Day Seyoum movement, was participated by around 100 (hundred) Eritreans and foreign journalists, politicians, human rights activists, and other invited dignitaries.

Radio Erena : 23 September 2014


Reporters Without Borders is appalled that the Swedish judicial authorities are abandoning Dawit Isaak, a journalist with dual Eritrean and Swedish citizenship arrested exactly 13 years ago today in Eritrea and held without charge or trial every since.

A Swedish prosecutor has closed an investiga tion into a complaint accusing the Eritrean authorities of a crime against humanity, torture and abduction in the Isaak case. Lawyers acting for Isaak filed it with the Swedish judicial authorities in July.

Radio Erena: 18 September, 2014

18 sep

Eritrean change-seekers in different parts of the world observe September 18 – the day popularly known as ‘the darkest day in the Eritrean history’ - the day when the black history was carried out by the president.

On this day in 2001, President Isaias Afweki cracked down on former cabinet members and independent journalist who demanded a democratic change in the country and has detained them for the past 13 years.