Radio Erena: 28 March 2018


Sources for Radio Erena in Asmara have confirmed the arrest of two journalists in the past few days.

The two journalists have been working for the Ministry of Information Tigrinya and Arabic newspapers.

One is Abdulghadir Ahmed the cultural editor of hadas Ertra and Mohamednur Ahmed the chief editor of Arabic paper Eritrea AL Haditha. Mr. Abdulghadir is the nephew of the famous Ustaz Beshir who served as a managing director of Diya’a Islamic School in Akhria, Abdulghadir himself taught in the school before joining the Ministry of Information and he is currently a member of the parents’ council of the school.

Radio Erena: 13 December 2017

Adi Qeyih College, which has been closed for un-known reasons, is set to be re-opened in January 2018, reported Radio Erena sources.

In the wake of an assignment of a new director to the Eritrean Higher Education and Research Institute- Brigadier General Dr. Haile MuhTsun, the government claims the reason for closure on rebuilding the infrastructure of the college.

Brigadier General MuhTsun said the higher institution has been working to merge the Adi QeyiH and HalHale Colleges and that under the new management, HalHale College will be a part of Adi QeyiH college.

Radio Erena: 10 November 2017

The Parent-Teacher Committee of Diae Al Islamia School whose students held a protest on the 31st of October against the Eritrean government’s pressures on the school pleas for the release of the school’s administrators, teachers, students and parents held in custody by the government at the protest.

The committee made the call in a letter written to the country’s Ministry of Education and to Awqaf – office of the Eritrean Mufti.

Radio Erena: 05 November 2017

The Government of Eritrea intensified securities in the Mosques around the Eritrean capital city of Asmara and throughout the country following the protest by the Diae Al Islamia students on the 31st of October.

 According to eyewitness sources from Asmara, security – both armed in military uniform and undercover agents, presence at the mosques have been increased, especially, in the Mosques located in the localities of Akhria in Asmara.

Radio Erena: 05 November 2017

About 100 (hundred) students of Diae Al Islamia held a protest in front of the Eritrean President’s office on the 31st of October in the country’s capital of Asmara.

 The students, who pleaded with the President to release the detained school’s leaders including Haj Musa Mohammed Nur and to ease the pressures put on the school by the government, were believed to be armed with rocks, sticks and loudspeakers.