Eritrean embassy in South Sudan sends a staff home as prisoner

Radio Erena: 05 August 2019

Diplomatic sources from Asmara are reporting that the Eritrean embassy in South Sudan has sent one of its local staff back to Eritrea as a prisoner.

The staff member, identified as Isaias, who had been held prisoner at the embassy was detained on orders from Yohans TekleMikael, the ambassador to South Sudan. Reasons for the diplomat’s arrest and transfer to Eritrea are unclear.

It is common for Eritrean diplomats to be recalled to Asmara to be put in jail. In one such recent case, the Eritrean ambassador to Israel, TesfaMariam Tekeste (Wedi Bashai) was put in jail after being recalled to Asmara.

The latest such incident involved the Eritrean ambassador to France, Hanna Simon, being ordered to return to Asmara. It is yet not confirmed whether she has responded to the orders and returned to Asmara or if she has abandoned her post and is seeking asylum elsewhere.