Eritrean Embassy in Riyadh has been burned down

Eritrean Embassy in Riyadh has been burned down

Radio Erena: 23 Januray 2015


The Eritrean Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is reported to have been destroyed by a fire that occurred on Thursday the 15th of January, Radio Erena sources confirmed from the city.

The fire is reported to cost 70 thousand Saudi Riyals (over $18,000 US Dollars) worth damages to the two offices of the PFDJ, the community center, and office of the youth association. The damage on the office of the youth association is the worst of all, according to the sources.


Apart from this, 37,000 Riyals (around $10,000 US Dollars) worth video cameras – each of them worth 6,000 Riyals ($1,600 US Dollars), and many important records are confirmed to have completely been destroyed.

The cause of the fire has not been identified yet. However, the sources confirmed it is known that the fire had happened a day before a scheduled community meeting for the Eritreans residing in Riyadh, and that it has become the center of discussion.

Some Eritreans from the area suspect the fire might be caused due to a blaze created by a forgotten electricity operated tea pot that short-circuited while others do believe the fire was torched intentionally to destroy important documents.

There are about 50,000 Eritreans in Saudi Arabia and many of them have continuously been complaining about mandatory service fees imposed by the embassy.