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A Swiss Government-Backed Organization Calls For An Investigation Over Alleged Pressure By The Eritrean Consulate In The Country On People of Eritrean Decent

Radio Erena: 20 October 2017 A Swiss government backed organization – Pre` En Bulle, calls for a special investigation on the Eritrean Consulate to Sw [...]

Widespread Corruption Is Reported To Be Crippling the Eritrean Defense Forces

Radio Erena: 20 October 2017 Members of the Eritrean national defense forces are reported to be facing critical condition due to lack of rations as wi [...]

Eritrea’s Eri-Tel Cycling Club Takes Part At Tour Taihu Lake 2017

Radio Erena: 13 October 2017 One of Eritrea’s cycling clubs – Eri-Tel is representing Eritrea in the Tour Taihu Lake 2017, which is taking place in Ch [...]

Chiefs of Police and Administrators from the Southern Zone met with their residents on Emigration

Radio Erena: 13 October 2017 Leaders of the Police Department and Administrators of the Southern zone are reporting to be holding continuous discussio [...]

Eritrea Denies A Request By The World Council of Churches To Meet With The Deposed Leader Of The Orthodox Tewahdo Church

Radio Erena: 10 October 2017 Eritrea denies a request made by the visiting senior delegation of the World Council of Churches – WCC, to meet the depos [...]

Ethiopia Release 3 Eritreans After 11 Years Of Imprisonment

Radio Erena: 10 October 2017 The Ethiopian government has released a total of 3 (three) Eritreans from prison. The three Eritreans – 2 (two) of whom w [...]

Eritrea’s Air Force Pilots Shaken By The Loss Of Their Fellow Pilots

Radio Erena: 10 October 2017 According to the information from Radio Erena sources, the two pilots lost their lives on the 25th of September as their [...]

Eritrea Forced To Delay 2017/18 Academic Classes Due To Shortage of Teachers

Radio Erena: 05 October 2017 Many schools in various parts of Eritrea are reported to be delayed due to shortage of teachers. According to sources fro [...]

Government of Eritrea Detains 2 (Two) Member of Bizen Monastery

Radio Erena: 05 October 2017 Government of Eritrea detains 2 (two) members of Bizen Monastery in retaliation to the denunciation by the Monastery agai [...]

Eritrea’s Ruling Party’s attempt to stop an Eritrean Festival organized by the City of Geneva Failed

Radio Erena: 02 October 2017 An attempt by the Eritrean ruling party - the People's Front for Democracy and Justice - PFDJ, to stop an Eritrean festiv [...]
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