An Eritrean jailed and Fined for inciting hatred and violence in social Media

Radio Erena News, 12 December 2022

A 51-year old Eritrean resident of the southernmost Italian-speaking Canton of Ticino was fined and jailed for 40 days for posting messages inciting hatred and violence.

A local court sentenced the Eritrean man after posting video clips in Facebook against the Catholic Church of Eritrea in 2019 in the aftermath of the measures in which the Eritrean authorities confiscated and shut down schools and clinics run the by the Church.

In supporting the measures, the man posted message in Tigrinya condemning the interference of the Church in the domestic affairs of the state and calling for demolishing of its premises.

He also said the Catholic Church plans to thwart the existing government to establish a theological regime instead.

The man expected a fine from the court, but the judge sentenced him to 40- day imprisonment for calling for violence.