An Eritrean Air Force Fighter Jet Crushed during Training

Radio Erena: 27 September 2017

An Eritrean Air Force fighter jet pilots lost their lives during training when their jet crushed on Monday the 25th of September.

The bodies of the two veteran pilots – a female and male, was laid to rest in Asmara the following day.

The Air Force has previously lost two veteran pilots in a similar manner within this year.

The cause of the crush is believed to be the age of the fighter jets and lack of spare parts. The force also suffers from lack of professional technicians which is partly caused by the abandonment of its members who seek refuge in the neighboring countries as a result of ill political conditions within the force.


It is to be recalled that two pilots have flown two small training fighter jets known as ‘Zelen’, which are believed to have been assembled in Eritrea, and sought refuge in Ethiopia.

A lot of institutions and government agencies like the Eritrean Air Force are seen to face many political and socio-economic challenges and dictatorial governance. Consequently, the force constantly loses a number of it veteran personnel.