A young man accused of being one of the organizers of the Akria protests of 2017 dies in jail

Radio Erena: 14 June 2019

A young man who had been accused of being one of the organizers of the 31 October 2017 protests against government confiscation of a religious school in Asmara has died in jail.

Seid Mohammed Ali, a popular footballer in his thirties, has been illegally detained for more than a year after government security agents kidnapped him on suspicion that he was one of the organizers of the protests.

Seid (Meta) Mohammed Ali died at the Ala military prison, near the town of Dekemhare. His funeral was held on the on the afternoon of 13 June at the Sheik Al-Amin Cemetery at the Edaga Hamus neighborhood in Asmara. Radio Erena sources report his death has caused widespread anger among youth in the Akria area where he lived.

Three people have died so far after they were detained by security agents in connection with the protests. On 31 October 2017, teachers, students, parents and residents of the the Akria neighborhood where the Dia’e Al-Islamiya School is found came out to streets to protest a proposed government confiscation of the community school.

Over 100 students, parents and teachers are still in jail after being accused of organizing the first protest and of planning a protest during the funeral of Haji Mussa, a nonagenarian community leader who spoke out against the illegal confiscation and died of health complications caused by his stay in jail when security agents detained him illegally.



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    Let Allah/God rest his soul in peace! The “crime” of Seid Mohammed Ali and others is attending a funeral of Haj Musa, who was killed/died in the bloody PFDJ jail. The bloody dictator (Issayas Afwerki) is responsible for their death. Time will come, Inshallah/God willing we will see the bloody dictator dead in the streets of Asmara (like Gadafi) or we will see him in court like Sudan’s dictator Omar Al-bashir.