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Ethiopia release six journalists and bloggers

Raddio Erena: 09 July 2015

six ethio

Ahead of the Third international conference on the financing of development in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian authorities have in the past 24 hours unexpectedly released journalist Reyot Alemu, two bloggers of the Zone 9 group and three journalists who had been arrested with them. Four other bloggers, as well as several journalists, remain behind bars.

Reyot Alemu, a onetime columnist for the now-closed national weekly Fitih, one of the 100 press freedom heroes according to RSF, was freed this morning. Convicted in 2011 of “participating in a terrorist organization and preparing a terrorist act,” she was originally given an 14-year jail term that was reduced to five years in 2012.


Hundreds of Unaccompanied under-age Eritrean Immigrants filled the Streets of Italy

Radio Erena: 09 July 2015

Report by Amanuel Ghirmai Bahta

Italy Teens

Over 300 unaccompanied under-age Eritrean immigrants have reportedly been loitering around the streets of many Italian cities.

The children, who are believed to be between the ages of 12 and 16 years of age, were settled at the refugee camps in Sicily following their arrival at the coast of Italy. They boarded on the fishing boats in route to Italy and other European countries via Mediterranean Sea without a parent or guardian.


Eritrean authorities bulldozed 50 residential houses in the capital

Radio Erena: 09 July 2015

Arbate Asmara

The government of Eritrea has bulldozed 50 residential houses in the localities of ArbaEte Asmara and Biete Giorgis in the capital Asmara on the 3rd of July.

Many police presences were reported during the demolishing operation to contain any backlash that might arise from the people in the localities, reported Radio Erena sources from the Asmara.

Similar operation had been executed in the localities of ArbaEte Asmara previously.


An Israeli Extremist chops off an Eritrean Immigrant’s Hand

Radio Erena: 09 July 2015

chops hand

A 25-year-old Eritrean had his hand chopped off by an anti-immigration Jewish extremist.

According to the news confirmed by Radio Erena correspondent, the Israeli picked on the young Eritrean at a bus stop in the localities of Bardisca as he was waiting for a bus asking him why he was starring at him. Minutes later, the Israeli came back with a cleaver meaning to kill the victim. However, since the victim used his hand to protect his head, the cleaver lay on this hand and chopped it off.


An Eritrean Immigrant found dead in a French-Britain Tunnel

Radio Erena: 09 July 2015

Eu report

An Eritrean immigrant in bound to Great Britain from France was found dead in the tunnel between those countries at dawn on Tuesday the 7th of July.

Although the death of the Eritrean is still under investigation, many believe the cause of his death might be by electrocution of the high voltage of the railroad.

This death report in the tunnel of an Eritrean immigrant is the second one in the past two weeks.


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