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Eritrean Airlines Passengers inbound from Saudi Arabia Outraged by Rampant Delays

Radio Erena: 09 July 2016


Eritrean Airlines passengers are reportedly frustrated by continuous delays and cancellations on their scheduled flights to the Eritrean capital of Asmara from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

According to the reports from Jeddah, passengers are seen to make several routes to the Jeddah and Riyadh airports for days - wait there for hours to only return back without any success.

Family members of some of the passengers told Radio Erena that their families are very frustrated by not only the persistent delays but also the lack of updates and refund options they get from Eritrean Airlines on their flights.

Eritrean airlines authorities inform the outraged passengers they would call them, if they have any updates on their flights.

The passengers have been told, rather unofficially, the delays are caused by technical issues with the aircrafts.

Eritrean Airlines is reported to make flights to Sudan, South Sudan, Dubai besides Saudi Arabia once and sometimes twice daily.

It is to be recalled that the airlines had to suspend its services due to financial loses and persistent technical problems. The airline was, however, able to begin its services in 2014 with a Boeing and Airbus aircrafts it rented from East Air and Ukraine Airlines.

Although there were flight services from Asmara-to-Jeddah/Riyadh by a Saudi Air and Yemeni Airlines, the latter had to stop its services due to the political conditions and fights within the country.


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