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Killing of three Eritreans in the South Sudanese capital of Juba enraged many Eritreans

Radio Erena: 05 October 2015

Kerene Hot

The killing of three Eritreans in the South Sudanese capital of Juba around High Cinema has angered many Eritreans in the country, confirmed Radio Erena sources from the city.

The sources confirmed the killing that took place on the 28th of September in front of Keren Hotel is believed to be related to armed robbery and that police does not have suspects as of yet.


According to eye witness accounts, many Eritreans attended the seeing off ceremony of the bodies of the three victims to Eritrea on the 30th of September and that they expressed their rage against such crimes.

The accounts further noted that the Eritreans were attacked and killed after armed motorists, with a group known as Boda Boda – whose faces were concealed , opened fire at the Eritreans in front of an Eritrean-owned – Keren Hotel, as they suspected them they were carrying cash to make a routine deposit at a bank.

It is to be noted that three Eritrean businessmen, including a father and son, were killed last July in the town of Merida in armed robbery.

The killing of Eritrean nationals by armed robbers in South Sudan has increasingly been growing from time to time.


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