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Djibouti’s President talked about his county’s border issue with Neighboring Eritrea at the 70th UN General Assembly meeting

Radio Erena: 05 October 2015


The President of Djibouti – Ismael Omar Gule accuses the Eritrean government as a danger to the region and the world.

President Gule, in his speech at the UN 70th General Assembly meeting, underlined that the border conflict between his country and Eritrea has not been resolved and said that Eritrea bears the responsibility for that as it still occupies some of Djibouti’s sovereign territories since 2008.

The President also noted that his government has submitted its appeal to the African Union, the Arab League and the United Nations. Although Djibouti has accepted the Qatari-mediated resolution, he added, five years later - neither the delimitation of the borders not the exchange of Prisoners-of-War has been implemented, in lieu of the agreement.


The Djiboutian president further stressed out that the Eritrean government has to date not officially declared the number of POW it captured, albeit continuous pressure from the international community.

Many soldiers were killed and many others captured at the border war that broke out in 2008 between Eritrea and Djibouti. While Djibouti has acknowledged capturing 21 Eritrean soldiers, Eritrea has yet to declare the number of captured Djiboutian soldiers.

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