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Human Rights abuse report on Eritrea by the UN COI gained global media coverage

Radio Erena: 15 June 2015


The report of gross violation of human rights by the Eritrean government – including President Isaias Afwerki, published on the 8th of June by the Commission of Inquiry (COI) mandated by the United Nation to investigate human rights abuse in the country, has gained widespread media coverage in the U.S. and many European countries.

Most of the European countries, especially, those EU member states which have been alarmed by the drastic increase of flow of immigrants to their countries, have given the report continuous coverage over the past week.


Sudanese government rounds up Eritreans in Khartoum

Radio Erena: 12 June 2015

sehafa gifa

The Sudanese government has launched a rounding up campaign on Eritreans in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum.

According to the news confirmed by Radio Erena sources from the area, the rounding up is widely conducted by the Sudanese Secrete Service agents in the localities of Sahafa where Eritreans popularly live at and that they are taken to various police stations.

The detained Eritreans were forced to pay 80 Sudanese pounds for temporary picture ID cards and were reported to have been released, added the sources.


Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki met his Sudanese counterpart – Al Beshir in Sudan

Radio Erena: 12 June 2015


President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea on tour in Sudan held talks with his Sudanese counterpart – Omar Hassen Al Beshir on the current relations and boarder securities between the two countries.

In the meeting they held in the afternoon hours of Thursday the 11th of June, the Eritrean and Sudanese presidents also discussed about the newly launched mediation initiative by Sudan and Qatar to bring the feuding Eritrea and Ethiopia together for talks, reported Radio Erena diplomatic sources.


“Norway cannot deport Eritrean Immigrants to their country,” said Secretary of the Norwegian Asylum Seekers Association

Radio Erena: 12 June 2015


Norway’s right wing ruling party decision to deport Eritrean asylum seekers whose cases have been rejected is impractical, says the Secretary of the Norwegian Asylum Seekers Association (NOAS)– Anne-Magrit Austenå.

In an interview she gave to The Foreigner news media, Secretary Austenå denounced the statement given regarding the current conditions in Eritrea as promising by the Norwegian Deputy Secretary of Justice – Joran Kallmyr who visited Eritrea this week saying it is immature.


A major street in Stockholm where the Eritrean Embassy sits is petitioned to be named after the Eritrean-Swedish Dawit Isaac

Radio Erena: 10 June 2015


The city council of the Swedish capital of Stockholm is expected to rule on a petition to rename a major street where the Eritrean Embassy is located at after the jailed Eritrean-Swedish journalist – Dawit Isaac on the 15th of June.

The petition to rename the street in the localities of Lidingö has repeatedly been rallied by many politicians, fellow journalists and friends in the country.


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