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Three members of an Eritrean family were gunned down in South Sudan

Radio Erena: 16 July 2015

south sudan shop

A father, son and another close relative of an Eritrea family were reportedly killed by unidentified gunman in the South Sudanese town of Meridah, reported an eyewitness from the town.

According to the eyewitness accounts, the three victims, who were gunned down last week, were known to have been involved in small business sector. The eyewitness added that the residents are shocked by the incident.

Eritrean and Ethiopian business owners have been the target of robbery and vandalism in South Sudan, pointed out the reports from the town.


Dozens of Bodies Wash up on Libyan Shore

Radiio Erena : 14 July 2015


As many as 100 bodies believed to be sub-saharan migrants have been found in the sea and the shores of the Tajoura, a coastal town about 10kms east of Tripoli, according to spokesman for the capital’s anti-immigration department.

Details are still a bit sketchy but a the spokesman said there were women and children among the dead. He could not confirm their numbers or indicate their nationality. They are believed to be the victims of a shipwreck off Tajoura, which is known as a sending spot for migrants heading for Europe on boats.


UN conference opens with call for 'reboot' of development finance

Radio Erena : 15 July 2015


At a critical moment in what the United Nations has dubbed “a year for global action,” the Third International Conference on Financing for Development kicked off today in the Ethiopian capital with calls to ensure the necessary resources to improve people's lives while protecting the planet.

“You have recognized that in a world in which both the global population and resource constraints are growing, development finance needs a reboot,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the opening in Addis Ababa of the Conference, also known as FFD3.


149 migrants apprehended by Turkish coastguard on route to Greece

Radio Erena: 15 July 2015

149 Tur

A total of 148 migrants trying to sail to the Greek island of Lesbos were detained earlier on Monday in two separate groups.

On early Monday morning, 101 migrants also trying to sail to the Greek island of  Lesbos were detained near the coast of Ayvacik in Canakkale province by the coast guard. They were reportedly from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria.


Anti-Immigration Jewish Extremists Torched an Eritrean Immigrant

Radio Erena: 14 July 2015


Anti-Immigration Jewish extremists have reportedly torched a young Eritrean immigrant at a recreation site in Tel Aviv, Israel.

In an interview he gave to Radio Erena, the extremists sprinkled the 39-year-old Eritrean victim - knows as Tedros, with a fire agent and lit him up with a cigarette lighter

He said he was able to get medical help after fellow immigrants reported to police and medical emergency services, when they found him in the streets as he was being burned.


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