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Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs suspends the order to put refugees in Hilot prison

Radio Erena: 01 October, 2014


The Israeli Ministry of Internal Affairs suspended the order to send the Eritrean-dominated-African refugees to the Hilot prison, stated Haaretz news media.

Haaretz pointed out that the ministry was forced to release a statement on September 29 in response to commentaries by different news media in the wake of the ruling of Israeli Supreme Court for the closure of the Hilot Prison, alleging the Israeli government is forcing refugees to report themselves to the prison.


Survivors of Lampedusa shipwreck to meet pope

Radio Erena: 01 October, 2014

Pope Lam surv

Survivors of the Lampedusa shipwreck that killed 368 migrants, mostly Eritreans, will visit the island and meet with Pope Francis to mark the tragedy's anniversary.

Organizer Tareke Brhane said Tuesday that about 50 survivors, mostly living in northern Europe, will travel to Lampedusa for the Thursday event as they press for an international day of memorial for the thousands who perish at sea each year trying to reach Europe.


Eritreans stand out from the over 75,000 refugees arrived in Italy this year

Radio Erena: 29 September, 2014

IOM Italy

The number of Eritrean refugees has been reported to be ranked higher among the refugees who made it to the Italian boarders in the last eight (8) months, stated the International Organization for Migration citing reports from the Italian Ministry of Interior.

Out of the 75,000 refugees from fifteen (15) countries who sought refugee in various European countries from January through August of 2014, 28,577 were Eritreans.


A Young Eritrean woman found unconscious at a park in Riyadh

Radio Erena: 26 September, 2014

eri embas Sau

A young Eritrean woman was found unconscious at a park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, reported Erena Radio sources.

Although it is unknown how long this disabled woman had been at the park for and how she ended up there, she was found by a taxi driver who transported her to the Eritrean Embassy after identifying her with a passport she had in her possession at the time.

The 30-year-old- woman, originally from the vicinities of Keren [Eritrea], was later checked in at a hospital but she still remains to be unconscious.


Nakfa’s purchasing power devalued

Radio Erena: 24 September, 2014


The purchasing power of the Eritrean currency – Nakfa has been deteriorating from time to time which resulted in having the price of beef and stable food products to increase at a high rate. The price of a kilogram of beef has gone up from two hundred fifty [250] Nakfa to around three hundred twenty [320] Nakfa. The prices of bread and eggs has also been increased by two hundred per cent [200%] compared to last year’s.


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