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People in Eritrea concerned over the government’s new statement on militia

Radio Erena: 10 October, 2014


People in Eritrea are concerned over the government’s new statement on the militias of up to fifty (50) years of age to get a formal military training.

The all-men-militia, being organized in their local administrations, have been participating in various community development projects like the Gergera dam in the Southern region and others.


Government of Eritrea fires its appointees as an administrator of the Eritrean Orthodox Church

Radio Erena: 10 October, 2014


The government of Eritrea has dismissed its appointees as the administrator of the Eritrean Orthodox Church – Mr. Yoftahie Dimetros and his executive secretary – Reverend Habtom Russom from the institution, confirms the Archdiocese of the Eritrean Orthodox Church in North America.

The government took the measure following the complaints for their dismissal from the Eritrean monasteries over the last two weeks and the condemnation by the church for the second time over ten (10) years.


Ex-Eritrean Ambassador says there are resources and confidence to replace the current Eritrean dictatorial regime by a democratic and law abiding government

Radio Erena: 10 October, 2014


A former Eritrean Ambassador to the European Union – Mr. Anderberhan Weldegiorgis, in an interview he gave to Erena Radio, pointed out the Eritrean people’s struggle for independence and liberation has been kidnapped by few in the current repressive regime in the country and subjected the people to a 23-year-repression and poverty.

Ambassador Andeberhan has recently written a book in English entitled ‘Eritrea at a Crossroads’. The 690-paged-book entails the successes-and-betrayals-based- history of the Eritrean people’s current situations and underlines


A Leased Ukrainian Airbus passenger aircraft arrives in Asmara

Radio Erena: 08 October, 2014


A Ukrainian airbus family aircraft leased by the Eritrean Airlines has arrived at Asmara airport.

The A320-200 type passenger aircraft took off Kyiv’s International Airport of Zhuliany in September 30 and arrived in Asmara in October 2.


Eritrea ranks 50th out of 52 African States in its government performance

Radio Erena: 08 October, 2014


According to Ibrahim Index Of African Governance [IIAG] annual report by Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Eritrea, Somalia and the Republic of Central Africa hold the least record in their leadership and governance performance among the 52 African states in 2014, respectively.

Top on the list are Mauritius, Botswana, and Cape Verde and these three nations are reported to have been holding the record for the last five years.


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