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Fifteen Eritreans one women among them are participating in the Rio 2016 Olympics

Fifteen (15) Eritreans one women among them are participating in the Rio de Janeiro 2016

Olympics. The Rio Olympics is going to open on Friday 5 th of August and will end on the 21 st of


While there are 42 types of sports, Eritrea is noly to participate in two Olympic sports Athletics

and cycling.


Libya is set to deport Eritrean Immigrants

The Libya government is reported to be in talks with Eritrean diplomats in the country in preparation for deporting Eritrean immigrants back to their country.

According to reports from Libya, the government has, over the past weeks, detained 97 Eritreans, 22 of whom are women.


Sudan intensifies its rounding up campaign against Eritrean refugees in the country


Sudanese security forces have intensified the continuous rounding up campaign of Eritreans and Ethiopians, who reside in the capital of Khartoum and its vicinity.

The security forces conducted a house-to-house round ups of Eritrean men and women in the city, targeting specific locations where many Eritreans reside known as Al SiHaffa and Diem.


Ethiopia: unrest continues

A Violent Anti Government protesters in central part of an Ethiopian town of Gonder reported to have cause a clash between two neighboring towns.


Eritrea Government sends rounded up conscripts in a tedious forced labor in a military training camp


The government of Eritrea has deployed thousands of youth, who were rounded up in various cities, in a harsh forced labor following a military training in Sawa military training camp, reported a Radio Erena source from the area.


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