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Eritrea's Bizen Monastery Authorities Denounce Orthodox Clergy working with the PFDJ

Radio Erena: 25 September 2017

Bizen Monastery Officials denounced Secretary of the Synod of the Orthodox Church - HH Bishop Lukas and the head of the Popal Council of the church - HH Bishop Basilos for colluding with the Eritrea's ruling party - People's Front for Democracy and Justice - PFDJ.

In a condemnation letter released on the 12th of September - two weeks after observing the Geez New Year's and St. John's religious holiday, the officials of the Monastery openly exposed the two accused clergy stating the roles they have been playing in contempt of the Orthodox church by acting in violation of the church's rules and regulations.


Eritrea's Capital - Asmara continues to fall short of Drinking Water Supplies

Radio Erena: 21 September 2017

Several neighborhoods in the Eritrean capital - Asmara are reported to be suffering from lack of drinking water supplies.

According to Erena sources, although the residents of city were hopeful by the seasonal rain fall in the summer, people have started to feel worried as the season ends. Frustrated by the situation, many people are seen to make lines after lines on the streets of the city carrying water containers desperately awaiting for water trucks to buy drinking water.


Eritreans in the Diaspora observed the 16th Anniversary of the 'Darkest Day' in their History

Radio Erena: 20 September 2017

Eritreans in various parts of the world observed the 16th anniversary of the day, popularly known as "the Darkest Day" in the history of Eritrea.

 September 18, 2001 was the day - in the Eritrean history, when the Eritrean government detained several reformers - mostly veterans of the Eritrean struggle for independence and cabinet members, and shut down privately owned newspapers sending several of their reporters and editors to prison. These reformers and reports have been detained incommunicado, several of whom are rumored to either have lost their lives or are suffering from near-death health conditions.


Eritrea's Athletes reported not to gain any medals in the 2017 World Athletics Championship in London

Radio Erena: 24 August 2017

Eritrean athletes who participated in the 2017 World Athletics Championship held in London between August 4 and 13, were reported not to do as well as expected.

Eritrea's marathon runner with a good record - Yohannes Tesfagiorgish, who was among the 8 athletes representing Eritrea in the Marathon, 10K, 5K and 3K meters competitions, finished 7th, followed by Kibrom Ghebregziabiher who finished 41st. A third Eritrean - Amanuel Mesel was reported not to finish the competition.

In the 10K race, Aaron Kifle finished 11th and Hzqiel Tewelde finished 17th. Another athlete - Nuguse Amlesom (also known as Wedi Hakim) had to dropped out after the first round due to injuries.


An Eritrean mother of 3 of a Pentecostal faith died in Prison in Eritrea

Radio Erena: 24 August 2017

An Eritrean mother of three, Fekadu Debesay, who is a follower of the Pentecostal Christian Church - has died in an Eritrean prison of Metkel Abyot the beginning of August.

According to reports from a global organization called Christian Solidarity Worldwide, the victim and her husband were among several followers of the Pentecostal Christian Church who were detained by the Eritrean security authorities in one of the frequent raids against followers of the church in a southern town of Adi Khuala.


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