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ERITREAN Government National Security Forces Arrested an 85-year-old man in the Sub-zone of Adi Khuala

Radio Erena: 23 May 2017       

     National Security forces of the Eritrean government have reportedly arrested an 85-year-old man and 10 other elders in the southern town of GaEbien of Adi Khuala sub-zone.


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      According to Radio Erena sources from the town, the elders were arrested while they were involved in a mediation process of a reported land ownership conflict which involved one of the senior officers of the security forces in the area. And that the arrest orders were alleged to have come from the senior officer involved.


      There were two individuals - Mr. Andikiel Kifleab-a teacher and Mr. Teferi Negash, who were first arrested after they have tried to intervene in the mediation. The rest of the elders were taken to custody when they tried to inquire about their two fellow town men, notes the sources.


     All the victims of the arrest, who are over 60 years of age are reported to have been transferred to detentions centers like HalHale, GaHtelay and Adi Abeyto ever since their arrest a month ago.


   This arrest is not the first one. The Eritrean government had made similar arrests for a similar reason in 2006.


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