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Eritrea Government sends rounded up conscripts in a tedious forced labor in a military training camp


The government of Eritrea has deployed thousands of youth, who were rounded up in various cities, in a harsh forced labor following a military training in Sawa military training camp, reported a Radio Erena source from the area.


The around 5000 conscripts are made to take on laborious jobs such as reconstruction of roads, cleaning and setting up of stages in preparation for the upcoming annual YPFDJ summer event in the military camp under harsh conditions and constant tight surveillance.

According to the reports, the number includes refugees who had recently been deported from Sudan and Egypt.

The Eritrean ruling party known as the People's Front for Democracy and Justice [PFDJ] - is accustomed to holding such events targeted at the Eritrean youth who were born and raised in the west whose sole purpose is to raise funds for the party.

The government has issued a warning to all those students who have just finished their 11th grade school year to be prepare to go to the military training camp on the 20th of July.

The sources have also informed Radio Erena that the government is under constant discussion with the country's ministries of education, defense and other government agencies to ensure that the students go down to the military training camp and avert a possible abandonment and fleeing of the country for the neighboring countries of Ethiopia and Sudan.

The youth in Eritrea are forced to take a military training before they complete their high school education .

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