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Parent-Teacher Committee of Diae Al Islamia School Pleas for Release of the School’s Administrators, Teachers, Students and Parents

Radio Erena: 10 November 2017

The Parent-Teacher Committee of Diae Al Islamia School whose students held a protest on the 31st of October against the Eritrean government’s pressures on the school pleas for the release of the school’s administrators, teachers, students and parents held in custody by the government at the protest.

The committee made the call in a letter written to the country’s Ministry of Education and to Awqaf – office of the Eritrean Mufti.


Eritrean Government Intensifies Security in Mosques around the Country

Radio Erena: 05 November 2017

The Government of Eritrea intensified securities in the Mosques around the Eritrean capital city of Asmara and throughout the country following the protest by the Diae Al Islamia students on the 31st of October.

 According to eyewitness sources from Asmara, security – both armed in military uniform and undercover agents, presence at the mosques have been increased, especially, in the Mosques located in the localities of Akhria in Asmara.


Students of Diae Al Islamia’s Stage a Rally and Police Fired Shots to Disperse the Protesters

Radio Erena: 05 November 2017

About 100 (hundred) students of Diae Al Islamia held a protest in front of the Eritrean President’s office on the 31st of October in the country’s capital of Asmara.

 The students, who pleaded with the President to release the detained school’s leaders including Haj Musa Mohammed Nur and to ease the pressures put on the school by the government, were believed to be armed with rocks, sticks and loudspeakers.


A Swiss Government-Backed Organization Calls For An Investigation Over Alleged Pressure By The Eritrean Consulate In The Country On People of Eritrean Decent

Radio Erena: 20 October 2017

A Swiss government backed organization – Pre` En Bulle, calls for a special investigation on the Eritrean Consulate to Switzerland over claims to allegedly pressure Eritrean nationals in Switzerland.

The call for the investigation came following a harsh criticism and opposition that warned all Eritrean nationals not to take part in the annual festival organized by Pre` En Bulle - held last month between the 22nd and 24th of September - claiming that the festival was not recognized and endorsed by the Eritrean government and that the Eritrean government wasn't informed of the festival.


Widespread Corruption Is Reported To Be Crippling the Eritrean Defense Forces

Radio Erena: 20 October 2017

Members of the Eritrean national defense forces are reported to be facing critical condition due to lack of rations as widespread corruption scandal by their commanders looms.

According to reports from Radio Erena sources, the defense forces have been supplied with food rations and other basic necessities insufficiently over the past two years.

The 29th and 30th national service graduates, noted the sources, who have just been deployed to their permanent regiments following the completion of their pre-deployment assignments in the dam construction projects, are reported to be affected the most.


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